ADHD-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The goal of ADHD-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is to promote understanding of individual strengths and limitations in order to develop the most effective coping strategies and enhance performance and well-being.  This includes improving awareness of symptoms, increasing the frequency of problem solving behaviors, and making changes in targeted behaviors that are interfering with functioning in home, social, school, and occupational settings.  Since ADHD often coexists with other emotional problems, treatment may also focus on anxiety, mood regulation, frustration, stress, and low self esteem. We recognize the impact of ADHD on families as well as the importance of family members as sources of support. Therefore, we emphasize the role of family in treatment. 

ADHD focused CBT is delivered within the context of a multimodal approach.  We utilize the information obtained from evaluations and testing to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan which includes multiple interventions working together.  Research supports that the multimodal approach is the most effective form of treatment for individuals with ADHD.*  

Elements of our multimodal approach include:

  • Individual and family education about diagnosis and treatment.
  • Instruction in specific behavior management techniques
  • Monitoring treatment response and supporting treatment compliance
  • Ensuring that a child is in an appropriate educational program and receiving
    necessary supports
  • Educating parents about their child’s rights to educational supports and services
    and coaching parents to advocate effectively on behalf of their child
  • Communication with school and related service providers
  • Referral to specialized service providers (learning specialists, speech and language
    pathologists, occupational therapists, organizational coaches, etc.)
  • Referral for medication consultation with a qualified medical practitioner when indicated

*(2007) National Institute for Mental Health.

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