Cogmed Working Memory Training™    

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a software-based intervention designed to improve working memory in people with attention deficits. Through active and engaging exercises, the user trains at home five days a week for five weeks. Every participant has a Coach at a Cogmed Qualified Practice who leads the training, analyzes results, and provides encouragement through weekly phone calls. 

Published, peer-reviewed and controlled clinical studies have demonstrated that, upon completion of Cogmed Working Memory Training, 80% of participants have significantly improved their ability to concentrate and use complex reasoning skills.

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What is Working Memory?

Working memory is a function of the brain that helps us temporarily store and manage the information required to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning and comprehension. Working memory keeps information in the mind for a short time, typically for a few seconds, in order to use that information for thinking. In daily life, we use working memory for a number of tasks such as remembering instructions, solving problems, controlling impulses, and focusing attention.

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