School Support and Consultation

We provide advocacy and assistance to parents to ensure that specific educational interventions and academic support services are provided under federal law according to a child’s needs.  Parents will be guided through the process of submitting the proper requests and documentation of a disability to the appropriate educational committee (i.e., Committee on Special Education, Section 504 Committee).  We will coach parents and accompany them to committee meetings, when requested, in order to promote effective collaboration with school representatives.

Working with a child’s teacher(s) is an essential element of our multi-modal treatment approach.  Contact with a child’s teacher begins during our diagnostic evaluation with information gathering about a child’s behavior in the classroom, academic performance, and social interactions in the school environment.  With permission from parents, we ask teachers to fill out symptom questionnaires and behavioral rating scales to assist us in making accurate diagnoses and inform our plan for treatment.  Teachers will be asked to do this on a periodic basis in order to help monitor treatment progress.  

Teacher consultation meetings will be conducted in-person at the school and by telephone to assist in developing effective behavioral and academic plans.  We may also recommend scheduled meetings with parents, teachers, and other educational service providers to assist in ongoing monitoring of the child’s plan and progress.  

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