Targeted Neuropsychological Testing

We administer a series of standardized tasks and exercises that measure specific strengths and weaknesses in cognitive (brain) functions related to ADHD.  These functions include attention, concentration, memory, organization, planning, and self-regulation.  In addition to test scores, we monitor an individual’s behavior and performance on these tasks to gain a greater understanding of his/her problem solving skills and approach to challenges.

Results of testing will be used to provide effective psychotherapy and other interventions that support individual deficits and maximize strengths.  The information may be used to guide recommendations for educational services, remediation, school accommodations, and testing modifications.  Performance on tests may also be used as a method of evaluating response to treatment.

Since ADHD is commonly associated with difficulties in learning and language functioning, we screen for problems in these areas as part of the testing process.  When problems are detected, we will offer recommendations for additional testing and services as needed.

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